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Everyone gets websites, but you need to make yours a destination!

An internet destination doesn't need to be gigantic, it just need to be the right place for your customer. We created a huge site for a customer, a dealer in chemicals, heavy machinery, and custom rigs for the sprayed in insulation trades. Their site features a full shopping cart, registration, foam industry news, as well as extensive content management tools for categories, subcategories, parts, and more, all with content driven from PHP and MySQL on a WAMP server, but we have also created a site that had a holistic feel, and would push visitors to schedule an appointment.
It isn't about the site itself, it is about making the right site for the business (and having a lot of fun designing it).

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to reiterate

your website is an extension of your business, another storefront, or at least a media facing. some of our sites are commerce sites, some are about recruitment. for the New Milford Historical Society, we designed features a secure member section, plan a trip, an area to solicit donations, a full store, photographs, an events calendar, additional photos and copy for older events, custom typography, as well as a searchable database of exhibits from the museum, 3000 and growing.
For the Housatonic River Outfitters, a site that gets over a 1000 visits each week from avid fisherfolk planning to hit the stream, we designed a site that features links to a full online ecommerce solution with an integrated look and feel, the complete available inventory is embedded in the meta tags, the stream reports are updated daily - a full service website destination. As an added enhancement we managed to take almost all the product content directly from the Amazon listings that the HRO maintains.

Here is the all too boring stuff about how we build our sites

  • html4/5 - with css3 this is page markup language we use to layout the sites
  • php - this processes the request and builds the pages
  • mysql - this is the database we use to store the dynamic information the site displays
  • jquery - this is the basic javascript program that we use to animate the pages and control details of the user interface
  • ajax - this allows us to present data without having to reload the page with every interaction
  • htaccess - modifying this file lets us rewrite urls to make them more user and search engine friendly


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The sites we build, whether for a painting contractor, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, a major construction contractor, a major sub-contractor, a jewelry maker, high-end wine merchant, high-end woodworker, or a law firm are all designed to accomplish our client's goals, and we have the validation from search traffic to prove it.