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Almost as dull as database management is the art of seo. unfortunately, seo is all about getting your site seen by your customers, so optimizing is an imperative for most sites. This generally means we have to check a site, change words within the site in order to increase it's relevance to search engines, then review it again.

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seo and media placement, specifically google and bing ad words, are the bread and butter of getting your business website seen and visited. if you have the best site in the world and know one knows about it - the tree falls silently in the forest. most of seo work is rewriting your site on a regular basis to make the key words for which people are searching more important in your site. for wordpress sites there are seo plugins, but regular sites just take old fashioned thought about what you are going to say - then checking to see whether google likes it.

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we write it, we post it, we review it, we re-write it, we repost it