«» digital marketing services «» at trp we design our sites using css3, html4, html5, php, mysql, jquery, flash, jquery ui, and much more

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This section is frightfully dull, but all you need to know about it is that by using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and CSS for the back-end combined with great design in the front-end you can expect to get a great site that will grow your business.

mysql screen
php edit screens
php edit screens
php edit screens
php edit screens
php edit screens
best energy transactions and deliveries screen

more of same

like we said, it is dull, but if you have to put data into your db, and then get it back out all this stuff has to work. we make custom db views, we build relationships with inner joins, we can sort using mktime we can embed <?php all sorts of interesting code here ?>
like we said this is really boring, but there is great fun in getting a collection of 3000 pieces to load interactively based on what a visitor is looking for.

Here is the all too boring stuff about how we build our sites

  • html4/5 - with css3 this is page markup language we use to layout the sites
  • php - this processes the request and builds the pages
  • mysql - this is the database we use to store the dynamic information the site displays
  • jquery - this is the basic javascript program that we use to animate the pages and control details of the user interface
  • ajax - this allows us to present data without having to reload the page with every interaction
  • htaccess - modifying this file lets us rewrite urls to make them more user and search engine friendly


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The sites we build, whether for a painting contractor, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, a major construction contractor, a major sub-contractor, a jewelry maker, high-end wine merchant, high-end woodworker, or a law firm are all designed to accomplish our client's goals, and we have the validation from search traffic to prove it.