«» digital marketing services «» we can consult with you on your project, we build it, you take the credit

consult services

we've been doing consulting since the '90s. we can either give you the benefit of our decades of experience, or we can actually build something for you. we've worked on the transition website for a new york politician, we've built websites that just captured email addresses, sites for drug and alcohol rehab companies, videos for a variety of companies, print, adwords keyword selection, even writing the copy for a tourism destination

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con pros

you don't have to make a long term commitment to us, we'll help you through a jam, a freelance solution which you never even have to acknowledge. our other services can be unacknowledged as well, and this way you make out in every way. you can call on us to make some print, a qr code, a press release, an effective page, a microsite, a validated form, a long movie, a commercial, you need it, we've done it

consulting means you get to pick our brains

  • we understand general advertising
  • we understand direct marketing
  • we write great copy
  • we write great code
  • we will make a custom app for you
  • we will clean your data and make it usable
  • we can link your desktop data to your site
  • we can link your sales to quickbooks


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iphone app creation
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another thing you may want us to handle for you is app creation. we have made iphone/ipad apps, and they are a great tool for promoting your business. to download one right now, just follow this link. don't let all of the exciting things we've done deter you, we are affordable, AND terrific.